About us

We are a community of people with the same mission

N Robotics was founded 2021 as a full-stack robotics company that provides academic institutions and industry partners with tailored robotic solutions for their specific application requirements.

The idea behind N Robotics is to open fair and good access to high-end technologies and robots to enable everyone to participate in the digital transformation. Accordingly, we offer affordable, customizable and, above all, trustworthy products.

Our Culture

N Robotics works to establish a company culture that is based on trust, community, a good work-life balance, and growth of each and every one in our team. Our Team is involved in the company's processes and are encouraged to develop their own ideas and actively participate in shaping the company’s future.

We believe in building something together that will make the world a better place in the long term. To achieve this, we count on our diverse team. N Robotics is a diverse company that promotes inclusion and equality - which is not only good for us, but also for our society. We encourage each other to take unique perspectives, have new experiences, and break new ground.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for new team members across all our departments. If you are interested, please send us your CV and impressions of your work:


Interview with DER SPIEGEL
»Ich hatte ein schlechtes Gewissen, mir selbst Geld zu überweisen.«
– Elisa Czerski
Inteview with SHE works!
»Das Besondere an unserem Start-up ist der hohe Grad an Innovation und unsere Produktvielfalt, die das gesamte Ökosystem rund um Robotik umfasst.«
– Elisa Czerski
Article in the Märkische Allgemeine
Fachkräftemangel in Dahme-Spreewald: Neues Bildungsprogramm soll Frauen in technischen Berufen unterstützen
»Wir bemühen uns sehr um eine diverse Unternehmenskultur. Aber auch wir haben die Erfahrung gemacht, dass sich eigentlich qualifizierte Frauen schlicht nicht trauen, eine Bewerbung an uns abzuschicken.«
– Elisa Czerski