ROS Remote

Meet the world's first universal Remote Control for Robots

Control any robot without coding

Our ROS-based GUI allows you to control almost any robot that supports cmd_vel or for which an interface is available. Either this interface is provided by us or you can develop it directly on your remote control.

Assign every Joystick individually

Our ROS remote control is equipped with four joysticks that give you the freedom to command everything the way you want. You can easily assign any axis to each joystick to control it the way you need. In addition to robots, you can also pilot a drone or pan-tilt head the same way - the choice is yours!

Assign Actuators and Sensors

Easily assign one or several joints to the given joysticks. Controlling Actuators or assigning driving directions are possible as well – you have the flexibility of adjusting the interface to your needs.

Advanced 3D Visualization

The visualization engine will display the URDF of your robot and all sensors which you would like to see. A point cloud can be displayed as well, as the IMU, Joint States, or Image Stream. The User Interface can be completely configured on your robot and the present behavior.

Write your own applications

Technical Specifications

  • 7" HD 1920x1080px high responsive touch display
  • 4 soft grip precise joysticks
  • Wi-Fi wireless connectivity
  • Fully ROS compatible
  • Advanced 3D and sensor data visualization
  • Individually configurable interface
  • High efficient quad-core ARM Cortex CPU
  • Capable to run ROS Core

What's in the Box
7" ROS Remote Controller | USB C Cable | Hard Shell Case | 2 Antennas